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Neck Pain


Don’t Suffer Neck Pain in Silence!

At Stanwell Park Physiotherapy we achieve excellent results relieving neck pain and associated problems.


Neck pain or a stiff neck are extremely common and can affect our lives life in so many different ways. A sore neck can be very frustrating whether it’s sharp pain, dull muscular aches, headache, or inability to fully move your head.


Fortunately most cases aren’t caused by a serious problem.


Neck injuries often result from motor vehicle, sports or occupational accidents or poor posture while working, driving or from sleeping in awkward positions.


Good muscle strength and posture are important to maintain a healthy neck.


Firstly, a careful assessment will help determine the underlying cause of the problem. In keeping with our philosophy of follow-up and self-management, we usually take the following path with neck pain to ensure long term benefits.

  • Assessment of posture and muscles
  • Management of affected muscles and joints
  • Education and advice for activity modification and postural change
  • Design of an individual exercise program, based on your abilities and needs

You don’t feel like it’s a production line. They give you their full attention and look deeply into your problems.

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