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Headaches are no headache for us!

Headaches originating from the neck region are one of the most common types of all. The tension can spread into the scalp and face and even down through the shoulders.


It typically occurs due to excessive stress on the upper joints of the neck. This may be due to a specific incident or more commonly, repetitive or prolonged activity such as poor posture or ergonomics, lifting or carrying, bending or twisting of the neck, working at a computer or other activities using the arms in front of the body.


It can come with neck pain, stiffness and difficulty turning your neck.


Most Stanwell Park Physiotherapy patients with this condition heal quickly and have a full recovery.


As with other conditions we complement manual treatment with on-going self-management to ensure long term results.

It’s not just for the quick fix, Tanya goes far beyond basic therapy to attack problems you thought were unsolvable.

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