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Back Pain


Back Pain Understanding and Treatment

Back pain responds well to treatment, especially if the problem is addressed early. It’s essential that you don’t put off having an assessment. Delay risks making your condition worse.


At Stanwell Park Physiotherapy we take the time to fully examine your problem and devise a comprehensive individual treatment program.


The big difference with our approach is that we don’t stop at a simple program of treatment, but help establishing good movement, strength and exercise routines so you can keep managing your condition, avoiding pain and preventing re-occurrence.


This includes:

  • Educating patients on stretching and strengthening to help manage pain and speed healing
  • Helping improve posture and ergonomics to prevent relapse
  • Reducing pain and the inflammatory cycle
  • Restoring muscular flexibility, joint mobility, and spine motion
  • Strengthening the involved muscles
  • Help returning to normal activities
  • Help prevent future occurrences

Hi my name is Kerry and I have had a lower back problem for almost 18 years. I have tried many types of therapy from physio to hydro to exercise and even acupuncture. In all my years of trying just about everything NO ONE has got me pain free until now. Tanya has been treating me now for approximately 7 years. In these years Tanya is the only person who actually uses her hands. Not only has she got me pain free she has taught me how to manage my injury by teaching me stretches and exercises. If it wasn’t for Tanya I would be taking more pain medication and possible having injections because that’s what 1 specialist told me. I don’t know what I would do without Tanya.

Eternally thankful Kerry
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